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Welcome to my official site

I am Morgana Pendragon - Cam Goddess, Priestess of Avalon, Sexual Sorceress and Seductress. I bring the Goddess wisdom and power of Pagan England back to life.

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Morgana Pendragon Official Newsletter Autumn 2016

Posted: October, 22, 2016

59608-Morgana Pendragon Official Newsletter Autumn 2016-Morgana Pendragon

Merry Meet!

OK, so it’s Saturday morning, I’m not dressed yet (lazy Morgana) and I’m STILL waiting for one of my new videos to upload to my new Store (check it out at: and I don’t know whether it’s their internet of the length of my video or what, but it’s taking AGES!

I’ve set-up a store there for all of you who prefer to download and watch my clips individually.

I had, written you a newsletter a while ago, but Windows 10 (don’t speak to me about this live on cam unless you want to hear me moan for a few hours) decided to do an unannounced anniversary update and in doing so, wiped, and I mean WIPED all of my PC!

I was virtually in tears (hugs, kisses and spoiling required here) as Microsoft decided, in it’s wisdom to scan everyone’s entire system for so-called ‘non-compatible’ files and programmes and delete them.  It took hours and hours to do this update and it’s still doing smaller ones every day.  When my PC eventually came back on, I saw that I’d lost my emails, that means you guys, all of you, my pics, videos, other files, my video and image editing software, Skype and lots more.

It was quite a shock and upon calling my sister who is way into gaming so knows quite a lot about PC’s and their fun issues, she Googled it and found that many people have experienced the same.  Not that that made me feel any better.  Now, according to news sources, Microsoft are doing updates to correct a lot of the problems that this major update caused...knobs!

So, sorry if you’ve not heard from me in a while, but it’s taken me AGES to sort this out and get hold of your contact details again.

So this is kind of a letter really, more than a newsletter.  I hope you all don’t mind?

I do actually prefer a more personal form of communication in any case.  There are just too many ‘official business newsletters’ circulating, don’t you think?


(Quickly get some ice-cream or pop-corn)

My nails are very long at the moment, sparkly emerald green for those of you who want to imagine them running up and down your cock, and they keep getting stuck in between the keys on my keyboard....most annoying.  Any ideas for viable solutions for this?  Audio to writing software doesn’t seem to like my sexual wording lol!


Right, so, what else do I need to tell you guys?  Just thinking....had a late night last night....oh yes, my website is now in two places - yippie!  You can find me at: which is my ‘official’ VIP FanClub, so if you’re still signed-up to my old FanClub at - PLEASE, please, please join my new one and cancel your membership to my old one as I will not be uploading any new content there and chances are that you’ve already missed out on quite a lot of new pics and vids too.

Both of these websites are mobile friendly and should, depending upon your internet of course, load much faster than my old ones.

I’ve added a more detailed page about my custom creations, so if you love the thought of me creating a video or audio just for you then browse and bookmark this page:

A note about my name - I’m now aligning (don’t you love what I call it?) with my ‘Medieval’ self and am (again I use this word) ‘officially’ Morgana Pendragon.  You may already know this of course if you’ve signed up to my news recently.  If not say ‘hello Morgana’ ha ha!  I found so many people could not say my ancient name properly and I ended up being called ‘Melons’ all of the not say a word!

My username on my live cam site could not (for technical reasons) be changed, so I am still ‘MelantheDivine’ there via link, however I do advise members that they should be now calling me Morgana.  It feels so much more ‘me’ anyway.  My magic was always strong during this period of my past.  Want to feel it working upon your spirit?  Come and join me in free chat soon at: - please bookmark this as it is a direct link to my profile.

I’m mainly live on cam Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in free chat, from around midday - 2pm and then again from 9pm - midnight, GMT.  Of course you are welcome to book your Skype sessions any day of the week, although I don’t as a rule offer sessions at the weekend, unless it is by prior arrangement.  I do sometimes go live at other times and am tending to split cam at the moment, so you'll also find me on at: throughout the week.  Please don't expect to get to see my naughty bits for free just because I'm on My Free Cams, I cam there to connect with new people and only offer my sessions in private.  You can tip me there to interact with me sexually, for fast flashes and to private message me.  You'll find my 'Tip Menu' on my profile.

What else?  Thinking....oh yes, I’m now able to take calls on my mobile via so if you miss me too much (all nod and say ‘yes we do’) then you can call me throughout the week when I’m not live on cam via this link: - please bookmark this as it is a direct link to call me.

My Twitter has changed too to: - so if you’re not following me already, please do so now if you’d like to keep up-to-date on a daily basis.

Oh my goodness, I so nearly forgot...guess what I captured on cam the last full moon, on the Harverst Full Moon?  My dragon!  I decided to multi-task and go live on cam as well as perform my full moon ritual and on the Saturday morning, as I came to edit my video (the full moon was on the Friday) I saw something, a few minutes into the footage, that stopped me in my tracks.  There I was, none the wiser, mending a broken nail (nails again!) when unknown to me, my fairy dragon swooped down past my left arm.  It was captured as a ghostly image right there on my video.  I’ve uploaded this to my VIP FanClub for you all to see, whether you’re a member or not and you can read my blog post about this now at:

About three months ago, I thought to myself that I hadn’t seen my dragon for a while and so called to it, during a ritual.  I then didn’t see or feel anything, so thought it had gone far too far away to hear my call.  Then a couple of weeks later, as I walked on the beach, I saw a beautiful cloud formation in the sky, that looked just like a dragon.  I wondered if this was my darling, giving me an omen, but didn’t have my phone with me to capture it.  I then got so busy with life (my puppy had to have an operation) that I forgot.  Then this happened.

Do take a look and let me know what you think.  At the time I wondered what it was and wasn’t 100% sure it was my dragon, as you’ll see from my post.  However, I’ve since seen him flying around me a lot.  It’s such a nice feeling and at this time of year, he’s much more likely to be to be seen as the space between the realms are at their thinnest, hence ‘Halloween!’

After trying to work out what to do for this Samhain/Halloween, I finally created my HALLOWEEN 2016 SPECIAL.  A lot of sites I’m on have contests and so on, but when you’re a real Witch Sorceress it’s like ‘oh go get a life’ lol.  I do however need to do something else live show wise and again, would love to hear any ideas you have.  I work magic and dress up in my wicked costumes 365 days a year virtually (...yes...I wear my cloak everyday, even with jeans) so it kind of seems pointless to say ‘hey, look at me, I’m a Witch, wink.’

I’m sure I’ll think, as one does, of loads more that I should’ve told you, when I click the send button, but my tea is cold and I need tea, Earl Grey, hot...(sorry, StarTrek re-play) it’s cold here in Northern England already you know!

I’m just going to sit quietly and have a think to myself if I’ve forgotten anything....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

MY HAIR!  I’ve forgotten to tell you about my hair!  It was black, black, black, like the darkness of midnight.  Now it’s so red that ‘you’ll feel my heat from miles away, warming you on a cold Autumn day’....getting poetic now!

I’ve written a lot of poems over the summer that I need to get written-up from my note book and recorded for you all to hear.

Have you seen me recently?  Yes?  Do you love how my hair compliments my white, zombie-like skin?  Ha ha...someone recently came into my free chat and told me that I look like a member of the undead!  I don’t mind, my spirit is immortal anyway!  Maybe you prefer the term ‘English rose?’  I am loving the feel of it though and I think it makes my ‘Emerald’ green eyes greener.  Le me know what you think?

I’ve updated my payment page to make it clearer as to where you need to pay me, I asked a few VIP Fans to check it out to see if it did make more sense and they all gave me very positive responses.  Check it out for yourself at: - please bookmark my new domain name for this page too at: as it is a direct link to pay me or spoil me.

My brain has now ‘officially’ (that must be my new ‘word of the day’) gone dead.  Either that or I need a strong English tea...and fudge for sugar...followed by more fudge.  I’m going through a clotted cream fudge phase. 

If I remember anything else, I’ll message or email you to let you know, but for now, my darlings, not so darlings and the rest of you (yes, who are you exactly?), I shall bed you goodbye!

Come and chat with me soon if you’re around and free or indeed and work and bored, although not in the car please, the police are really clamping down on mobile phone usage when driving a vehicle lol!

DOWNLOAD & WATCH this Halloween 2016 Special video now here...

Blessed Be

Morgana xxx

P. S.  Don't forget if you'd like to connect with me and chat when I'm not live on cam, you can text me on +1 844 703 9342.

P. P. S.  You can also call me at:


Fairy Dragon Magical Creature Caught On Camera By Morgana Pendragon

Posted: September, 20, 2016

57040-Fairy Dragon Magical Creature Caught On Camera By Morgana Pendragon-Morgana Pendragon

Merry Meet!

It's been a while since I've written a blog post as I've been very busy these last few weeks.  Last week was the busiest week on record I think, for bookings for spells and psychic readings.  On Friday evening I decided, as one does, to multi-task and go live on cam, as well as record, my Harvest Full Moon Ritual.  It all went according to plan, except me nearly smoking myself out buring far too much incense in my bedchambers.  I know many of you enjoyed connecting with me later that evening, in circle.  It's always such a magical feeling, I love it.  What I didn't know at that time was what I'd find the next day!

I didn't sleep very well on Friday night, the energy of the Full Moon often keeps me alert and awake, even with the use of Lavender and such like.  I must cast the spell for a good night's sleep on myself again!  Saturday morning came and I decided to edit my photos and videos.  When I say edit, I don't make myself look any different, I just add my logo, the border and depending upon the content I'm creating, sometimes audio, binaural beats etc.

Anyway, there I was, I'd just opened up the file in my video editing package and started to watch it back, when 31:03 seconds in, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks.  From the top right hand corner, very fast, swoops a ghostly image of a winged creature or being.  Read that again.  Watch the video.  Watch the video again and again, here now:

Upon starting to record my video, on Friday evening, I realised that I had broken my nail and I was just mending it with some nail glue when whatever this is, must have flown down past my left arm.  I had no idea at the time, but what I will say is that I often see these flashes and flights out of the corner of my eye, along with other 'mystical' sights.  I've NEVER however, actually been able to capture one on camera before.  I do a lot of filming and really want to go through all of my other footage now with a fine tooth comb!

After cutting a clip from the thirty minute video, of where this vision appears, I called my friend and then emailed it to him, just to be sure it wasn't me going mad.  Now I know you may all think that this sort of thing should be totally normal to someone like me, and yes, it is in a lot of respects.  I repeat, I've NEVER however, actually been able to capture one on camera before.  I've seen and experienced things that most people would never believe, but when you get something, smack bang in your face like that, it still excites you.

Believe it or not, I am a skeptic and have a very 'the proof is in the pudding' mind.  I like to experience things for myself and always seek to uncover the possible 'scientific' reasons for things.  Magic, despite it's mystery, is actually a science, that requires specific formulas and conditions in order to work.  I have spent many life times exploring these and aiming to prove of disprove the existance of all manner of things.

My friend, is both a film maker and a paranormal investigator and films television series where he investigates mysterious events around the world.  A lot of what he's been asked to investigate has been proven fake or just the result of 'normal' events manifesting as otherwordly.  As such, I was most interested in hearing his views.  he was VERY excited by my clip.

He suggested adding various filters to the clip to try to enhance whatever it is that appears.  You can see for yourself the effect this has.  He also suggested to me, for the purpose of proving to him I think that it wasn't a hoax, that he use a video and photo phorensic analyis tool that can be accessed online, to check for layers, noise and other tampering.

You can see several things through using the filters.  First that it has a shadow, second that it appears the same colour as me, being a living entity, third that it widens, then narrows, is performing a 'swooping' dive movement, which insects don't do, fourth that as it approaches my elbow, it appears to turn slightly away from my arm to avoid diving into it.

You may notice more than I do and I would love to hear your view, comments, feedback and opinion on it. 

You can email me directly at:

I look forward to connecting with you soon and hearing your thoughts.

Blessed Be

Morgana xxx

P. S.  Don't forget if you'd like to connect with me and chat when I'm not live on cam, you can text me on +1 844 703 9342.

P. P. S.  You can also call me at:

Chat To Morgana Pendragon Live On The Phone At Verified Call

Posted: August, 15, 2016

54112-Chat To Morgana Pendragon Live On The Phone At Verified Call-Morgana Pendragon54112-Chat To Morgana Pendragon Live On The Phone At Verified Call-Morgana Pendragon

Merry Meet!

I've been wanting to create an account at Verified Call for a while now, as have had numerous requests for a phone service, so am pleased to announce that I am all set-up and ready to take your calls LIVE throughout most days.

Talk Live With

Morgana Pendragon

LIVE CALLS Are A Brilliant Way To Connect With Me...

Call me to chat about or experience the sensual magic of Avalon!

LIVE Phone Sexual Sorcery, Seduction, Seership, Journeying, Healing & More.

Whether you'd like get some magical advice, have your questions answered, be seduced and mesmerised, worship the Dark Goddess, go on a sensual journey with me or just chill and chat, you can call me for up to an hour at a time, for just $2 per minute.

I've offered my Morgana Pendragon Magical and Psychic Services LIVE via phone for over 20 years and love connecting personally in that way. 

Setting up an account at Verified Call is fast, easy and completely secure, so CLICK HERE now and connect with me live, today!

_Talk LIVE With Me At

Still prefer the webcam, video chat experience?  Come and chat to me later today at: - I'll be live on cam from 9pm GMT.

Blessed Be

Morgana xxx

GET IN TOUCH With Morgana Pendragon - Cam Goddess, Priestess Of Avalon, Sexual Sorceress & Seductress - at:

_Talk LIVE With Me At

TEXT: +1 844 703 9342

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